Association Delegation

The Association Delegation is composed of Executive Board members and the following representatives:

Bernhard Riegel

Hoppecke Batterien – Battery manufacturing industry

Christophe Petitjean

VALEO Thermal System - Battery automotive industry:

Daniel Gloesener

Solvay – Battery advanced materials industry

Daria Hedberg

Geyser Batteries – Battery manufacturing industry

Federico Cartasegna

FPT Industrial - Other battery applications industry

Henning Lorrmann

Fraunhofer – Battery research

Kristina Edström

Uppsala University – Battery Research

Laurent Torcheux

EDF - Other battery applications industry

Olivier Colas

Blue Solutions – Battery manufacturing industry

Oscar Miguel Crespo

CIDETEC – Battery research

Stefano Saguatti

MANZ - Battery manufacturing supply industry

Tero Holländer

FORTUM - Battery recycling industry

Volker Hennige

AVL List - Battery automotive industry

Claude Chanson

RECHARGE – Observer

Patrick Clerens

EASE – Observer

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