Technical Working Groups and Supporting Task Forces

In order to organise the work within BEPA and to achieve the objectives of the Partnership, different expert groups have been established. 

Technical Working Groups (TWGs)

The main task of the 5 TWGs will be to identify, prioritise and draft the key battery R&I topics for the Horizon Europe Work Programmes.

These groups cover all the segments of the battery value-chain and allow an efficient identification of priorities, especially in the perspective of the update of the Partnership strategic documents.

  • TWG1: Raw materials and Recycling
  • TWG2: Advanced materials and manufacturing
  • TWG3: Battery end-uses and applications
  • TWG4: Safety and Reliability
  • TWG5: Sustainability

For more information, please consult the Working Groups Terms of Reference.

Find the list of the TWG Core Teams here!

Supporting Task-Forces (STFs)

The main task of these STFs will be to establish the connections with relevant European entities in charge of non-technical aspects linked to the achievement of a competitive battery value-chain in Europe.
  • STF1: Innovation Uptake
  • STF2: Education and Skill development

For more information, please consult the Task Forces Terms of Reference.

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