The ETIP Batteries Europe

Batteries Europe is the European Technology and Innovation Platform aiming at accelerating the establishment of a globally competitive battery industry in Europe. 

Batteries Europe and the BATT4EU Partnership have a similar ambition. However, while Batteries Europe aims mainly at identifying, in a holistic way, all the R&I needs across the battery value-chain at every TRL level; the BATT4EU Partnership focuses on prioritising (within the strategic inputs provided mainly by the ETIP), the most urgent R&I priorities to be addressed within the Horizon Europe Work Programme in order to make the European battery industry more competitive and sustainable.

Because of their similarities, the two initiatives collaborate closely. Currently, BEPA and Batteries Europe are working in integrated working groups to develop together a common Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, to give a unified voice for the European battery research community. Along with this, BEPA and Batteries Europe also work together in Task Forces on transversal topics across the battery value chain. Finally, Batteries Europe also serves as an Advisory Committee in BEPA facilitating information exchange and coordination between the Horizon Europe Partnerships, Member States, relevant regions and other structures directly addressing different parts of the batteries value chain.

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