Statement on the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
03 July 2024

On 4 July 2024 BEPA joins 110 European Associations in co-signing a statement on the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10).

The 110 associations urge EU Institutions to:

  • Increase the current budget for FP10
  • Prioritise pan-European research collaboration
  • Support Public-Private Partnerships to catalyse EU investments
  • Invest in the scientific and technological potential of Europe
  • Attract and retain private RD&I investment in Europe
  • Breaking silos to promote the flow of knowledge between the private and public sectors

 FP10 is relevant to:

  • Alleviate market failures
  • Stimulate private RD&I investments
  • Tackle complex challenges collectively
  • Accelerating the pace of technology maturation and innovation
  • Support the EU positioning in today’s technology race


 Invest in Partnerships in view of FP10:

The impact of coordinated RD&I investment has been demonstrated by Horizon 2020 which found that the highest degree of financial leverage per each euro invested was achieved in European partnerships In the institutionalised partnerships, private partners’ contributions with resources (in cash or in-kind) more than doubled or even tripled the volume of EU investments.

Contributions from EU InstitutionsMembers States:

  • We call on the EU Institutions to significantly increase the current RD&I budget in view of FP10
  • National RD&I investments should in parallel be ensured and at minimum meet the target of 3% of GDP, aiming at leveraging private RD&I investments.

PILLAR II is crucial for FP10

Pillar II focuses on cross-border collaboration and it is crucial to RD&I. A significant part of FP10’s total budget should be allocated to Pillar II, with an enhanced focus on European Industrial Competitiveness  driven by strategic EU priorities and clearly defined industrial needs.

  • Build long-term trust-based public-private partnerships (PPPs) amongst a wide variety of European RD&I actors,  to ensures the industry’s uptake of novel technologies and scale-up into new solutions, products and services, improving people’s well-being and quality of life, and increasing European long term competitiveness.
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty and stimulate private investment in Europe by demonstrating the EU’s support for technology-intensive sectors, while preserving technology neutrality for a level playing field on the internal market. This would give the right incentives for industry to invest in RD&I in Europe, rather than in third countries and to support the delivery of the EU green and digital transitions.

We are looking to advise and to discuss the design of FP10 with EU Institutions!

About FP10:

FP10 is the name of the next European framework programme for research and innovation. As we are halfway through Horizon Europe framework programme, this is the right moment to be looking at the future framework programme.

The framework programme plays an important role on the long-term competitiveness of Europe.  FP10 shapes the future of research and innovation areas by capitalising on the scientific and technological potential of Europe.

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