Task Forces

Task Forces

Transversal and non-technical topics can be covered alongside the main areas of each working group, but are also covered in detail by dedicated Task Forces. Like the working groups, the task forces are jointly organised with Batteries Europe.

There are 7 task forces, covering the transversal and non-technical aspects related to the battery industry. The goals of the Task Forces are to identify and discuss the main challenges in these areas, and to then provide recommendations and support to address their specific challenges alongside the work of the working groups. Their flexible structure allows for the repurposing of their scope and objectives to fit the evolving needs of the battery ecosystem. The task forces are comprised as follows:

  • Task Force Digitalisation
  • Task Force Education and Skills
  • Task Force Safety
  • Task Force Sustainability
  • Task Force Social Science and Humanities
  • Task Force Standardisation and Hybridisation
  • Task Force Innovation Uptake*

Register to join the Task Forces here

*To join the Innovation Uptake Task Force, contact Timothé Perruchoud: t.perruchoud@bepassociation.eu

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