Working Groups Structure


There are 6 working groups, each lead by 3 chairs

Each working group is lead by a Core Team of 3 member elected representatives consisting of: Industry Co-Chair, Research Co-Chair and Technical Advisor.  To see the Core Teams responsible for each working group, check the list below.

Working Group 1: New Emerging Battery Technology

Daria Giovannacci Hedberg

Industry Chair , from Geyser Batteries

Kristina Edström

Research Chair, from Uppsala University

Ivana Hasa

Technical Advisor, from University of Warwick

Working Group 2: Raw materials and Recycling

Philippe Capron

Industry Chair, from Orano

Marja Vilkman

Research Chair, from VTT

Bart Verrecht

Technical Chair, from Umicore

Working Group 3: Advanced Materials


Industry Chair

Silvia Bodoardo

Research Chair, from Politecnico di Torino

Marcel Meeus

Technical Advisor, from EMIRI

Working Group 4: Cell Design and Manufacturing

Daniela Fontana

Industry Chair, from Comau

Marcus Jahn

Research Chair, from AIT

Arno Kwade

Technical Advisor, from TU Braunschweig

Working Group 5: Mobility Applications and Integration

Franz Geyer

Industry Chair, from BMW Group

Michele de Gennaro

Research Chair, from AIT

Thilo Bein

Technical Adviser, Fraunhofer-Allianz Batterien

Working Group 6: Stationary Applications and Integration

Christian Noce

Industry Chair, from Enel X

Javier Olarte

Research Chair, from CIC energiGUNE


Technical Advisor


Each working group is lead by member elected Core Teams, consisting of Industry chair, Research Chair, and Technical Advisor. To see the Core Teams responsible for each working group, check the Working Group Core Team List.

The Core Team is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the Working Group’s activities.​
  • Chairing the meetings and moderating the discussions of the Working Group.​
  • Drawing up the agenda of each meeting.​ Reviewing the minutes of the meetings.​
  • Reporting and providing the consolidated inputs of the Working Group to the Batteries Europe Steering Board and/or the BEPA Association Delegation.
  • ​ Representing the Working Group at external meetings and events.​

Conditions, Governance and Elections for the Core Team:

  • Nominated for period of 2 years, without term limit​
  • ​Max 2 Core Team positions across all WGs per organisation.​
  • Individuals holding current leadership positions in BE and BEPA may re-apply.
  • ​Industry and research members of BEPA can apply for chair positions
  • ​Technical Advisor positions are open to all, including Associates.​
  • A single organisation can only provide 1 position in the Core Team per WG​
  • The application will be evaluated by a selection committee, consisting of the BEPA Executive Board and BE secretariat

For more information, please consult the Working Groups Terms of Reference.

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