Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda


Learn about the strategic priorities for battery research and innovation in Europe. Read the BATT4EU Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

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    The vision

    The vision of BATT4EU is to establish in Europe by 2030 world’s best innovation ecosystem to boost a competitive, sustainable and circular European battery value chain and to drive the transformation towards a carbon-neutral society. It will do so by preparing and equipping Europe to commercialise the next-generation battery technologies by 2030, which will enable the rollout of zero-emission mobility and renewable energy storage.

    To achieve this objective and the goals set up by the European Commission, BATT4EU has developed a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), published in 2021 and 2024.

    SRIA 2024

    This Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda is the result of input collected by the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) and Batteries Europe from hundreds of European battery experts organised in Working Groups and Task Forces each covering different battery topics. The SRIA points to six imperatives necessary to help improve the competitiveness and of the European battery sector:

    • Ensure that (BATT4EU) research results reach giga-factories and the markets, through pilots, demonstrators and improved decision making aided by digital tools.
    • Increase the strategic autonomy of Europe by reducing the reliance on foreign critical raw materials by supporting local and circular supply chains and support research into different battery chemistries, including sodium-ion technologies.
    • Improve battery affordability to accelerate the green transition and the keep the European industry competitive by improving batteries based on materials that are more abundant and push for better integration into end-use applications.
    • Improve the flexibility of battery manufacturing and recycling systems to reduce lock-in effects and respond quickly to changes in a rapidly developing industry.
    • Implement a safe and sustainable by design framework for batteries, which plays to European strengths and which will help reduce emissions and use of substances of concern, improve safety and allow for the integration of smart functionalities.
    • Support the continuity of excellent European battery research and academic-industrial cooperation by improving access to research facilities and pilot lines, use research projects to build up a skilled workface, and by avoiding gaps in research through continued funding, which will bind talented researchers to Europe

    The SRIA sets out the priority for battery research and innovation in Europe. It provides the main guidelines for the Horizon Europe work programmes and funding in the coming years. This Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda builds heavily on the Roadmaps that have been published by the Batteries Europe and Battery 2030+ projects. This document replaces the SRIA of the BATT4EU SRIA of 2021 and the Batteries Europe SRA of 2020, lists the key strategic actions that the European Batteries R&I Community need to take.


    SRIA 2021

    The first SRIA outlined six key R&I areas to be addressed in order to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the European battery sector:

    • R&I Area 1: Raw materials and Recycling
    • R&I Area 2: Advanced materials and manufacturing
    • R&I Area 3: Battery end-uses and applications
    • R&I Area 4 – Cross-cutting: Safety
    • R&I Area 5 – Cross-cutting: Sustainability
    • R&I Area 6 – Cross-cutting: Coordination.

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