Battery Innovation Days

This event is unique 2.5-day online experience designed to spark conversations on the latest developments in the European R&I Battery domain

Hosted as a unique 2.5-day online experience in partnership with Batteries Europe,  BATTERY 2030+, and the Batteries 1stand 2nd IPCEIs, the “Battery Innovation Days” is the 1st edition of the annual conference on battery Research and Innovation where industry’s expert thought leaders converge. 

The online event is designed to spark conversations on the latest developments in the European R&I Battery domain, exchange views on key strategic approaches to deploying crucial technologies, and assess future R&I needs for a more competitive and sustainable European battery value-chain.     

The Battery Innovation Days is also intended to inform SMEs, civil society and other relevant stakeholders on the BATT4EU Partnership and promote their participation in EU-funded projects. 


Attending to the Battery Innovation Days will provide key opportunities to battery industry, research and policy makers, including:  

  • First-hand information on the short and long-term industrial R&I roadmap, and on the impactful research findings generated in Europe; 
  • Enhanced visibility on the EU funding and tools for batteries; 
  • Clearer understanding of the main R&I issues and challenges linked to the battery sector; 
  • Networking opportunities with a strong industrial and research network coming from different parts of the battery value-chain.  

Learn more about the event here! 

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