Battery Innovation Days (4th edition)



The Battery Innovation Days is a unique 2-day hybrid experience designed to spark conversations on the latest developments in the European R&I Battery domain

Let’s talk Battery Innovation! After three successful editions, the Battery Innovation Days (BID) event is back. Today’s key European Research & Innovation initiatives (Batteries EuropeBattery 2030+ and the Batteries European Partnership Association) in partnership with the Batteries 1st and 2nd IPCEIs, will CO-ORG a unique hybrid experience, designed to bring together numerous key players and experts from the battery field.

Hosted by the ACCIÓ – Agency for Business Competitiveness, supported by the Government of Catalonia, this year’s Battery Innovation Days will take place in Barcelona, Spain and Online, on 26-27 November 2024.

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Batteries are crucial to the enabling of technology that will allow the EU to achieve its zero-emissions goals through a responsible and sustainable market. Join us for 2 days of captivating dialogue among the research community, policymakers, industry players and end-users to boost battery research and innovation in Europe. BID aims to increase knowledge and encourage exchange around the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in battery materials, cell design, manufacturing and recycling.

Why attend

  • Network and connect with Industry peers from different backgrounds can provide a refreshingly different insight
  • Stay on top of trends and emerging new technologies: discover more about the market and bring awareness to your business by fully immersing in our two-day conference that will cover the hottest topics in the battery industry
  • Attend the delivery of the Battery Young Research Award: honouring academic excellence in battery research, the award recognises the commitment of those students supporting scientific advancements in the field
  • Visit the exhibitor booths and extend your network in a prime place for business

Battery Innovation Days 2023

During the last edition of the Battery Innovation Days, more than 1400 delegates (online and onsite) had the opportunity to discuss and learn more about fostering a competitive and sustainable European battery value chain.

Last year, thanks to our partners at the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, BID 2023 was hosted in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, in France. Similar to previous editions, BID 2023 offered a seamless all-in-one experience; the third edition of the Battery Innovation Days took place on 14 & 15 November in Bordeaux at the Centre de congrès Cité Mondiale and online.

Revolving around the theme of “fostering a competitive and sustainable European battery value chain”, the event saw the participation of more than 1400 delegates (online and onsite), representing key actors driving the progress in the battery industry.

What was discussed

During two days, more than 1400 attendees, among them 350 onsite and over 1000 online had the opportunity to learn from 60 world-renowned experts about how we can foster a competitive and sustainable European battery value chain.
On the agenda we saw debates on:
• The role gigafactories have in accelerating battery development
• The BATT4EU vision and ambition
• Electric Mobility and the research needs for its wider deployment
• How next-generation cells will revolutionise the industry
• Self-healing batteries as the technology to enhance batteries durability, safety, and
overall efficiency
• The Critical Raw Materials Act for a circular battery value chain
• The advancements in Na-ion batteries 

The key takeaway from this edition of the BIDs is that R&I, industrial development and regulatory updates all feed into each other, sometimes as intended (gigafactories as engines for R&I acceleration) and sometimes in ways that are unforeseen (production goals put into doubt by sustainability rules or CRM targets). Continuous interactions between the spheres of industry, R&I and policy are therefore crucial in establishing a competitive European value chain in Europe and the BIDs will be at the centre of this in the years to come. The co-organisers of the BID event, BEPA, Batteries Europe, Battery 2030+ and the two IPCEI have publicly presented their new common visual identity showing reinforced collaboration and alignment as a community. Their joint booth saw the tagline of ”The European Batteries R&I Community”

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