The BATT4EU Partnership


BATT4EU is a Co-programmed Partnership established under Horizon Europe.

BATT4EU is a Co-programmed Partnership established under Horizon Europe – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union- that aims to achieve a competitive and sustainable European industrial value-chain for e-mobility and stationary applications.

It is a contractual public-private Partnership gathering – on the public side – the European Commission; and – on the private side – BEPA, which regroups all the battery stakeholders from the European Research community.  


BATT4EU’s vision is to establish by 2030 in Europe the best in the world innovation ecosystem.

BATT4EU’s vision is to establish by 2030 in Europe the best in the world innovation ecosystem to boost a competitive, sustainable and circular European battery value chain and to drive the transformation towards a carbon-neutral society.

By pooling Europe’s resources and knowledge, only a Partnership – a long-lasting and coordinated effort involving industry, research and the public sector – can bring predictability to the EU battery value-chain stakeholders.


The Partnership has a number of key general and specific objectives


Contribute to making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 through widespread adoption of e-mobility and stationary electrical energy storage

Enable European leadership in the battery industry across the value chain, creating economic growth and quality jobs in a circular economy.

Contribute to achieving a zero-pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment, by providing safer and more sustainable batteries and processes.


Support the development of differentiating technologies in battery materials, cell design and manufacturing and battery recycling.

Accelerate the development and deployment of sustainable and affordable battery solutions for clean mobility.

Enable a cost-effective integration of renewable energy sources in the power grid, by developing affordable batteries for stationary energy storage applications.

These objectives are completed by operational objectives which set technical and scientific targets to be achieved by 2030.


  1. increase battery energy density (+60% compared to 2019 values)
  2. increase battery power density and charging rate
  3. improve cycle lifetime (at least by a factor of 2 compared to 2019 state-of-the-art values)
  4. reduce battery cost (-60% compared to 2019 values)
  5. ensure battery safety in the different targeted application sectors
  6. implement worldwide Best Available Technologies in manufacturing and recycling operations.
  7. enhance the sustainability of the main supply chains of battery raw materials and achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint of the supply chain from raw materials extraction through battery manufacturing, use and recycling


While R&I has to be conducted on all parts of the value chain, advanced materials development and battery cell design & manufacturing are seen as the key activities for which a well-structured coordination will allow Europe to develop the most differentiating technologies.


BATT4EU is governed by the Partnership Board, which is made up of BEPA’s Association Delegation and delegates from the European Commission.

The aim of the Partnership Board is to communicate the positions of different stakeholders and ensure that the work of the Partnership is aimed at developing solutions for the common benefit of the European battery value chain and the public interest.

The Partnership Board is convened as often as required by the needs of the Partnership.

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