PIME Battery Summit Poland
22 - 24 May 2024

PIME is organizing the Battery Summit on 23-24 Mat 2024 in PTAK EXPO Nadarzyn, Poland with a strong focus on the latest trends, innovations and challenges in the energy and power industry!

The PIME Battery Summit is taking place in PTAK EXPO Nadarzyn, Poland, on 23-24 Mat 2024, hosting expert speeches and panel discussions, on pressing issues touching upon the energy and power industry.

Participating in the conference is an excellent opportunity for registrants to discuss with market leaders, connect with other professionals in the field and of course learn about the latest trends in the industry. The aim of the conference is also to create connections between professionals from different sectors, including specialists, entrepreneurs and industry enthusiasts.

The PIME BATTERY SUMMIT POLNAD conference is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge of the latest trends and regulations in the battery industry, as well as to establish business contacts and exchange experiences between experts and representatives of various sectors.

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