Pitch Training and Pitch Deck Challenge for Battery Startups
Organised by BEPA
06 - 06 May 2024 / Online

This two-part workshop aims to support start-ups with battery-related activities in optimizing their pitch decks and improving their pitch presentations.

Send your application HERE for the Pitch Deck Challenge event on June 7 (Workshop)

The two-part workshop aims to support start-ups with battery-related activities in optimizing their pitch decks and improving their pitch presentations. Participants will learn to present their stories clearly, compellingly, and in a way that resonates with investors.

The workshop consists of a one-hour webinar, followed by an intensive “Pitch Deck Challenge” for selected start-ups. Thus, while the one-hour webinar is open for everyone, the “Pitch Deck Challenge” will be limited to max. 10 start-ups. Therefore start-ups will have to apply for it.

The workshop not only prepares start-ups to optimize their pitch decks and presentation skills but also offers them an exceptional opportunity to present their refined pitches directly to investors at an exclusive brokerage event in November 2024.

Procedure and time line:

On May 6: Introductory Webinar (11:00- 12:00 am)

The webinar offers a brief introduction to the topic and provides information on the application process for the “Pitch Deck Challenge” Workshop.

Application Process for the “Pitch Deck Challenge”

Application Process will start on May 6 (after the webinar) and will be open until May 13.  Startups wanting to participate in the workshop must complete and submit an online application form. This application form will ask for information on the business case and product.

On June 7: “Pitch Deck Challenge”

Each start-up presents its pitch deck to a jury of experts from the start-up ecosystem. Each start-up receives individual constructive feedback and tips and hints for improving their presentation. In addition, the participants will learn from each other by listening to the other’s pitches and feedback.

The aim of the “Pitch Deck Challenge” is to prepare the start-ups for the brokerage event with potential investors.

If you are not a start-up, don’t worry! You can still attend the open webinar if you are interested, and similar activities are coming, with a focus on battery researchers. Stay tuned for more information soon!

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