Swiss Battery Days 2024
26 - 28 August 2024

Don't miss the 6th edition of the Swiss Battery Days organized by Empa and PSI on 6th – 28th of August 2024 to learn more about battery technology advancements and connect with researchers and innovators!

The  6th edition of the Swiss Battery Days, a joint effort by Empa and PSI, is taking place between 26th – 28th of August 2024, at ETH Zurich!

The organizers aim to create a meeting point for young researchers of battery materials and cell manufacturing to connect with renowned researchers and innovators. Don’t miss this unique chance to learn more about the latest advancements in battery technology and foster connections within the Swiss battery community.

The scope of the event spans throughout the entire battery technology ecosystem, encompassing the synthesis and characterization of battery materials, their integration into electrodes and cells, and crucial topics related to cell manufacturing. The last day of the conference will be dedicated to discussions on industrial cell manufacturing at scale and national/international initiatives, promising further insight into the future trajectory of battery technology.

Registration is possible between 1st of May – 18th August 2024

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